Tria Giovan Photography


The year was 1987.  In an inconspicuous warehouse outside of Manhattan, a new immigrant started a humble tile wholesale business called P&L Marble, Inc.  With all his life savings poured into the business and a small rolling case of tile samples he went door to door.  As with millions of immigrants before him, he did whatever it took to make ends meet.  After a few hiccups with suppliers that almost bankrupted the infant company, he quickly realized that without his own factory, quality control would prove difficult.  The first joint venture factory was setup in 1990 with limited success.  A decade later a 100% wholly owned factory named Wuhan Jiemei Stone was setup as the primary manufacturing facility.  

In 2021, P&L Marble was rebranded as Architrave Surfaces.  The company is a full service natural stone manufacturer and importer with over 35 years of experience in the industry, and is a premier supplier with a stellar reputation known for its quality, reliability and ability to execute complex projects.

Architrave Surfaces can process blocks, slabs, tiles and mosaics, as well as supplying large scale cut-to-size commercial projects.  Please visit the Project Gallery for notable completed projects.